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Value propositions matter, and never more so than today. In the escalating din of global choice and competition, solid value propositions are the most effective way of cutting through the racket to reach customer's brain, hearts and minds.

That's why, with over 20 years of experience in this field, we're asked to be part of the development of value propositions and find practical solutions to challenges. In the interest of making the dialogue even richer, we're sharing those exchanges here.

A basic project can be visualized as below

Is Market Access a misleading definition ?

This area have been called market access since one only have "real" access to the market with a proper reimbursement / funding / recommendation in place.

This might be a bit misleading in legal terms since one have formal access to most markets as soon as one have: marketing authorization and an approved price.

A more practical definition might be pre-qualification for general: public / private reimbursement / funding

The only way to become and remain pre-qualified is to deliver on the promised value proposition!

Becoming the solution, not the problem, that's why we are focused on delivered value.